Kingston Transformation Continues

There will soon be major works at the north entrance of Kingston, on Huon Highway, the Mayor Paula Wriedt said.

Council has an overall vision to transform Kingston into an active, attractive space with community amenities all linked to an attractive CBD space, and these projects are continuing this work.

The 9 remaining poplars along the Huon Highway will be removed on 26 April.  While the poplars are nearing their end of life, the main reason for the removal at this time is to facilitate important stormwater works, road widening and the building of an underpass – which need to be completed where the remaining poplars root system is located.

Whilst I acknowledge the community’s concerns about the loss of the mature poplars along the Huon Highway, I want to assure everyone that we have a wonderful landscape design and will be undertaking significant new plantings to provide a beautiful welcome to Kingston.

The new landscaping will include many native plantings including a small forest of sheoaks, as well as casuarinas, peppermints, blackwood, yellow paperbarks and banksias.

The temporary loss of the leafy entrance is drastic now, but in order to upgrade the infrastructure in this area this tree removal is required.

Over the next months a thoroughfare is being created from Goshawk Way to the Highway and the John Street roundabout will be upgraded.

We are upgrading our Whitewater Creek walking and cycling tracks and will be delivering an underpass under the Huon Highway to safely connect Kingston Park to the wetlands and beyond for pedestrians and cyclists.

These changes will provide future connections to the Kingborough Community Hub, Kingston Park and the many new homes that will be located in our CBD in the near future.

These changes leverage off our well used Community Hub, the wonderful playground at Kingston Park and the new open community space for gatherings, and larger activities.

These amazing public spaces are being so well utilised by people inside and outside our municipality and bringing new life to Kingston.

They support the long-held community desire to have Kingston better connected and a place that invites people to stay, shop, and access services.

As does our new main street design, with its wider footpaths, increased greenery and better bus stops.

Kingston is expanding and with that comes a bit of interruption, but please be patient as it will be worth it.

Schedule of Works (timing is approximate)

Public Open Space Stage 2October 2021August 2022
Construct remainder of Goshawk Way, upgrade Huon Highway with a new roundabout and two southbound lanes. Construct new pedestrian underpass under Huon Highway. Upgrade John Street roundabout.March 2022December 2022
Upgrade Kingston Wetlands to increase central Kingston stormwater treatment.May 2022December 2022
Commence construction of new bus terminal and Channel Highway upgrades.January 2022T.B.C