Planning in Kingborough

In 2015 the Tasmanian Government commenced a process to roll out a single planning scheme for Tasmania, known as the Tasmanian Planning Scheme.

The Kingborough Draft Local Provision Schedule (Kingborough’s component of the Tasmanian Planning Scheme) is currently with the Tasmanian Planning Commission for consideration.

Kingborough Council understands that there is concern in the community regarding the Local Provisions Schedule (LPS) and that some community members believe that their zoning has been changed without their knowledge.

Kingborough Council Mayor, Paula Wriedt said she would like to reassure everyone that the Kingborough Draft LPS is still being reviewed by the Tasmanian Planning Commission.

“Once the Tasmanian Planning Commission has completed their assessment of the Kingborough Draft LPS, we will go through a public consultation period informing the community on proposed zoning changes,” Cr Wriedt said.

“Presently, the Commission is having to work through the conversion of 29 existing planning schemes across the state to the new Tasmanian Planning Scheme, so different Councils will be exhibiting for public comment at different times.

“Some Councils have already converted to new Tasmanian Planning Scheme, some are in the process of engaging communities about it and some, like Kingborough are yet to be given approval to start the consultation process.

“When Kingborough Council begins to consult with the community, people will be able to confirm what zoning is being proposed for their land and may then also make a representation if they want to indicate support, object or raise a concern with what is being proposed.

“Until we hear back from the Tasmanian Planning Commission about our draft, nothing is confirmed.

“We don’t know what zoning will be accepted and what will change, until the Commission has made a decision.

“When the consultation process begins, Council will be able to consider any submissions from the public and where appropriate recommend changes to what is being proposed to the Tasmanian Planning Commission.”

“The consultation process will involve community information sessions, appointments, fact sheets, and of course informing the public that this is happening through the media and our website and social media channels.

“The consultation period will run for 60 days.

“We know understanding the zoning proposed for your land is important to you, but until the public consultation period begins we actually cannot confirm the zoning changes.”