Council 2022/23 Budget Passed

Last night the Kingborough Council adopted its budget for 2022/23 financial year.

Kingborough Mayor, Paula Wriedt said due to rising costs of living pressures for community members, Council had kept this year’s rate increase to a minimum,” Cr Wriedt said.

“The budget is based on a 2.8 per cent general rate rise.

“We will be starting some significant projects this year linking more of Kingborough together and providing better access across the municipality with new and upgraded tracks, upgraded roads and improved stormwater across the municipality.

“During public consultation, community members told us that road construction and maintenance was one of the most important roles for Council.

“This year Council has allocated approximately $7 million for road construction and upgrades across Kingborough.

“For example, there is an allocation of $1.03 million to upgrade Gemalla Road in Margate and on Bruny Island we have $624,000 for Lighthouse Road and $325,000 for Harvey Street.

“Stormwater is also very important to the community and in this year’s Capital budget over $2.8 million is provided for stormwater projects in Margate, Snug, Longley, Sandfly, Blackmans Bay, Taroona, Bruny Island and Kingston.

“Some of the key capital projects ear marked for Taroona include the $250,0000 replacement of the toilet facilities at Taroona beach as well the $518,000 stormwater upgrade for Hinsby Road to Illawong Crescent.

“In Blackmans Bay, stormwater upgrades will be carried out at Garnett Street  and there will be a $1.19million road upgrade of Blowhole Road.

“In Longley, Council will invest $125,000 on the Reserve public toilet supporting the preservation of the environment and amenity of the area as well as ensuring the site is suitable for families and community gatherings.

“Dog bag dispensers will be replaced across Kingborough to improve the service for dog owners at a cost of $56,000.

“Public consultation on the budget confirmed that the community wanted to see more off-road cycle trails and walking tracks in Kingborough.

“This year Councill will be spending $2 million on track, reserves and playgrounds upgrades across Kingborough, to improve access and mobility for community members.

“This year Council has allocated $837,000 to build the Summerleas Road underpass to Whitewater Creek track which will support more active forms of transport.

“The McKenzie Road track in Leslie Vale will be upgraded to improve the experience and use for walkers and horse riders in the area – with a budget allocation of $150,000.

“We will finalise the Twin Ovals to Spring Farm Connector Track and Spring Farm Track to Whitewater Creek tracks with an investment of $269,000 this year.

“To improve crossing facilities and pedestrian usage at Kingston Beach, a $180,000 local area traffic management study and precinct upgrade will be implemented.

“Gormley Park sporting ground will also receive a significant upgrade through $330,000 worth of improvements including re-levelling, drainage and irrigation works, making playing conditions better for users.

“Through our community consultation on the budget it was revealed that there is a desire see the Council do more around the environment and climate change.

“In this year’s budget Council is spending over $1.3 million in Natural areas and Biodiversity

“This year’s budget includes a number of projects to protect, manage and improve Kingborough’s environment.

“$55,000 will be invested in weed control for Kingborough and $50,000 for a Tree Strategy to look at the methodologies, prioritisation and management and maintenance of trees in the municipality.

“To avoid and minimise damage to assets, human safety and environmental harm a $40,000 Urban Creek Management program will implement the priority actions from the Creek Maintenance Plans.

“$55,000 will be provided for a Snug Climate Change Adaptation project which will progress climate change risk quantification and understanding for Snug township as well as community engagement and adaptation options development.

“$19,000 has been allocated for Public Art and Art Awards throughout the year as well as $49,000 for a Children and Young People’s activities Program to provide a variety of events and occasions for young people throughout Kingborough.

“Supporting our senior community members to improve their social wellbeing, by providing a diverse, healthy and connected Learning for Life and Positive Ageing program with a budget of $20,000.

“As Kingston Park playground stage two is now nearing completion, Council will now focus on the redevelopment of the Channel Highway at Kingston.

“Works beginning this financial year will improve the pedestrian pathways in Kingston as well as improve the space with more plantings to make our CBD more attractive promoting business and community activity.

“We are upgrading our Whitewater Creek walking and cycling tracks and will be delivering an underpass under the Huon Highway to safely connect Kingston Park to the wetlands and beyond for pedestrians and cyclists.

“This development will provide future connections to the Kingborough Community Hub, Kingston Park and the many new homes that will be located in our CBD in the near future.

“Council thanks the community for providing their feedback through this budget process and looks forward to working towards making Kingborough a connected and well serviced municipality for all to enjoy.”

Feedback from Community Survey