Awards and Events

Nominations are now open for the Kingborough Community Awards.

Kingborough Mayor, Paula Wriedt encouraged community members to get in and nominate someone for the awards this year.

“The annual Kingborough Community Awards are an excellent way to honour those community members and organisations who contribute to the social, cultural, environmental and artistic nature of our lives,” Cr Wriedt said.

“Without these important people and the contributions they make every day, our Municipality would not have such a great sense of community.

“By honouring them at the Kingborough Community Awards, we acknowledge how valuable they are to us as a community and, hopefully, inspire others.

“Council is very aware that many inspirational people go unnoticed and that sometimes the nomination process can deter people from putting someone’s name forward for recognition.

“This year we are encouraging people unsure about how, or if they should nominate people, to get in contact with our wonderful staff who are only too happy to help with the process.

Some of the past Award recipients include disability and community advocate, David Vickery (Citizen of the Year in 2020), charity founder Edna Pennicott of Kingborough Helping Hands (Citizen of the Year in 2012), and Jude Lennox in 2022.

The Kingborough Community Awards will be held on Saturday 7 January 2023 at the Kingborough Community Hub.

All nominations must be received by Monday 3 October, 2022 and application information can be viewed on Council’s website.

Mayor Paula Wriedt also welcomed the beginning of a new Grant Support Program for events within Kingborough.

“As well as opening our awards nomination, I am also happy to announce that Council has accepted a new Event Support Program for the community.

“This new program will provide funding for at least two new major events and up to four established events in Kingborough.

“We know that community members enjoy being able to take part in events in Kingborough, shown through large attendance at events like A Day on the Beach, and more recently, Night of Lights.

“As someone who has had experience organising events, I know that particularly in their early stages it can be challenging to make them viable, or have adequate resources to do all that you strive to.

“Providing financial assistance to emerging and established events will help give event organisers the confidence to either take the leap to starting up a new event, or expanding an existing event.

“Events throughout the community connect us to many great opportunities that we would otherwise not have and relates to our vision that ‘Our community is at the heart of everything we do’,” Cr Wriedt said.