A Dose of Nature

A Kingborough Council program is encouraging the community to take a dose of nature as a therapeutic measure for good health.

Deputy Mayor, Clare Glade-Wright said the Dose of Nature program supported community members to actively get out into some of Kingborough’s wonderful reserves for improved health outcomes.

“This series of regular gentle walks is designed to inspire our community members to experience the wealth of small nature reserves within our communities with Council’s Natural Interpretations Officer and Kingborough Health Practitioners,” Cr Glade-Wright said.

“Walks will be held every Thursday from 9.30am to 10am in different reserves and pocket parks within Kingborough throughout the coming summer months.”

Doctor Kate Bendall, a Kingborough Health Practitioner, said there are many health benefits to being in nature.

“We know that being in nature is really good for people’s wellbeing, including for traditional measures like blood pressure and glucose control, but also for everyone’s immune system and their mental wellbeing.

“The program is really accessible and there isn’t the cost or distance that people often struggle with when they are recommended some health interventions.

“We hope that the time and format can attract a wide variety of people to take steps to improve their own wellbeing.

“People generally associate getting outside with energetic activities such as jogging or sports. But there’s actually a lot of benefits that can come just from spending time outside in nature.

“You don’t have to push yourself hard to gain benefits.

“A little bit of movement, improving strength and balance, along with social connection are all very good for our health.

“And by noticing nature, people are more inclined to care for it.”

Kingborough Natural Interpretations Officer, Bridget Jupe said many participants have never been to the reserves and are surprised by Kingborough’s wonderful natural areas.

“Our urban bushlands contain a rich diversity of native species, habitats and vegetation communities,” Ms Jupe said.

“We are hoping to connect people to local reserves near them to gain health benefits from spending time in these places.”

Deputy Mayor, Clare Glade-Wright said the community really values recreational tracks and trails in the municipality.

“There are over 40 tracks and trails throughout Kingborough that can be found on our website or by visiting the Greater Hobart Trails website.

“This year, Council will be increasing the total length of our tracks by 8.3 kilometres to create 66.7 kilometres of Council-managed tracks that bikers, dog walkers, horse riders and community members can enjoy.”