Church Street and Beach Road Intersection

Changes to be made: Council will change the intersection at Church Street and Beach Road by removing the left-hand slip lane from Beach Road into Church Street, this will change this junction into a normal T intersection. These works will be undertaken shortly.

Reasons: Investigations into reported traffic incidents have shown the dominant crash type at this intersection is between cars making a right-hand turn from Beach Road into Church Street and cars using the left-hand slip lane to turn from Beach Road into Church Street. There are also reports of incidents between cars turning right out of Church Street into oncoming traffic. This has been intensified by the increase in traffic diverted from the Channel Highway upgrades.

Long term changes: Council will seek funding through the next round of Federal Black Spot to signalise the intersection.

In the meantime: Until upgrades are made to the intersection, Council is encouraging the community to use Goshawk Way to bypass the CBD. This intersection has clear lines of sight and traffic flow is aided by the roundabout, especially during peak times of school pick up at 3pm and after 5pm.

Particularly for road users coming from Channel Highway south of Kingston heading to Taroona, Kingston Beach or Blackmans Bay via Beach Road.

See maps for alternative routes