Attention Landowners: Update on Kingborough Planning Scheme

Later this year, Kingborough will undergo planning reform with the incoming Tasmanian Planning Scheme expected to be publicly exhibited (community consultation).

Kingborough Mayor, Paula Wriedt said the Tasmanian Government is moving to a single planning scheme, known as the Tasmanian Planning Scheme.

“Until the Tasmanian Planning Commission (TPC) instructs Council to begin the exhibition period (community consultation), Council can only provide the information that was submitted to the TPC in 2019.”

“Kingborough will most likely to begin the exhibition period in the next half of 2023.

“The single planning scheme is intended to create uniformity in planning across Tasmania and the process is overseen and managed by the State Government.

“To ensure our community is aware of the future reform, Council has sent out a brochure with everyone’s rates notices directing community members to our website to get more information on the reform. The website will be updated with additional information as we get closer to the exhibition period.

“We appreciate that the process is complicated, and we want to provide more information about the zoning changes to the community, but at the moment, we are unable to until there is direction from the TPC.

“If we were to promote it before that time it would lead to confusion within the community as further changes could occur.”

“Once exhibition begins later in the year, the community will also be able to make written representations to indicate support for and or raise objections or concerns with any planning changes proposed.

“As Council does not know when the consultation will begin, we have provided a sign-up option for any member of our community wishing to be informed via email when it starts.

“Until the exhibition period begins, any representations cannot be considered.”