Council 2023/24 Budget Passed

Kingborough Council has adopted its budget for the 2023/24 financial year.

Kingborough Mayor, Paula Wriedt said due to rising costs of living pressures for community members, Council had kept this year’s rate increase to a minimum.

“This Draft Budget aims to maintain the community’s expectations for a high level of service by ensuring staff have the resources to deliver a range of services and projects that benefit the many different parts of our community,” Cr Wriedt said.

“The 2023-24 budget is based on a 4.5% residential general rate increase.

“Council has been able keep a lid on costs by ensuring that we stick to our long-term financial plan.

“Council ran a six week consultation with the community on the draft 2023/24 Budget which yielded feedback from 107 people through submissions and survey responses.

“In our public consultation process, 50% of survey respondents said that the rate rise was about right and 5% of community said it was too low.

“The consultation also highlighted that road construction and maintenance was one of the most important roles for Council.

“This year, Council has allocated approximately $6.8 million for capital projects in road construction, resheeting, footpath upgrades and kerbing across Kingborough.

“We’ve also adapted our budget response to address issues raised through our public consultation process.

“Public consultation highlighted that Council’s $100,000 Margate Masterplan, planned for 2024/25, needed to be brought forward.

“The Margate Masterplan project will look at safety improvements for pedestrians and amenity of the main road through Margate.

“Council will work with the State Government to ensure Margate meets the accessibility needs of its growing community.

“I want to thank the community for their honest and clear responses through our consultation, which influenced Council’s decisions on the budget.

“Improving access to our sporting and fitness facilities is a key part of the budget, with:

  • $716,400 allocated for upgrades to the Kingborough Sports Centre, improving access into the building and toilet amenities.
  • $105,000 to improve the netball courts and road access at Kingston View Drive
  • $21,000 for beach accessibility matting for Kingston Beach
  • $129,000 for Snug cricket net replacement and tennis court refurbishment.

“Some of the capital projects identified to connect residents to better services, and upgrade infrastructure for better access and amenity, are:


  • $250,000 for foreshore public toilet replacement
  • $250,000 for community hall upgrade


  • $200,000 for an oval upgrade
  • $155,000 for Llantwit Road resheeting


  • $635,000 for Pelverata Road rehabilitation


  • $320,000 for Pelverata Road slip repair


  • $233,000 for Halls Track Road resheeting

Bruny Island:

  • $257,000 for Cloudy Bay Road resealing
  • $10,200 for Kellaway Park clubrooms electrical upgrade

Blackmans Bay:

  • $1.3M for Blowhole Road reconstruction


  • $30,000 for the bowls and tennis club car park design
  • $250,000 for bike lane upgrades


  • $1 million for Browns Road upgrade
  • $250,000 for Kingston Beach precinct traffic management project
  • $210,000 Maranoa Road Black Spot project.

“Council is also investing over $1.5 million in protecting Kingborough’s environment, as well as funding a Climate Adaptation Officer to help with climate mitigation and adaptation projects within the municipality.

“A Business Improvement Officer will also be employed to provide a dedicated resource to focus on continuing to improve Council processes.