Housing Commitment

Kingborough Council has adopted a Statement on Housing to demonstrate its commitment to facilitating access to safe, accessible and affordable housing in Kingborough.

Kingborough Mayor, Paula Wriedt said Council has developed the Statement in recognition of housing stress being experienced by our residents.

“In recent years, we have seen significant increases in house prices and rent in Kingborough,” Cr Wriedt said.

“This is putting increasing pressure on Kingborough residents, in addition to other rising costs such as for food, petrol and utilities.

“Council’s Statement on Housing sets out our strategies for encouraging safe, affordable and accessible housing in Kingborough, including advocating for increased investment.

“Our number one strategy is to drive increased investment by the Tasmanian and Federal Governments in social and affordable housing and supported accommodation in Kingborough.

“We will also continue to encourage increased housing density in areas close to services, jobs and facilities through appropriate zoning.

“By working with housing providers and developers, we will encourage housing that is assessable and liveable for people with disabilities in Kingborough.

“We will also consider what Council land that might be developed or sold to enable housing developments.

“The Statement on Housing will be implemented through an Action Plan, that sets out actions, responsibilities and timelines for each of the strategies included in the Statement.

“Council officers will regularly report back to Council on how the Statement on Housing is being implemented.”