Kingston’s Floating Wetlands

Kingborough Council has installed the first Floating Wetlands stormwater treatment system in Tasmania.

Mayor, Paula Wriedt, said with the development of Kingston Park and the increase in residential development in inner Kingston, Council needed to upgrade the stormwater treatment system.

“Floating Wetlands have not been used previously in Tasmania but are becoming widespread across Australia as an innovative water treatment solution,” Cr Wriedt said.

“The Floating Wetlands, designed by Atlan Stormwater utilises natural and sustainable technology to treat polluted stormwater collected in surrounding areas.

“They remove excess nutrients and eliminate sediment from the water column and have allowed the retrofit of the existing stormwater ponds with a positive environmental solution.”

Operations & Maintenance Manager, Oscar Salisbury, said the wetland platforms allowed for the uptake of pollutants and toxins through natural processes.

“The wetlands systems were constructed with carefully selected vegetation sitting on top of 600m2 of recycled plastic pontoons,” Mr Salisbury said.

“The technology is a sustainable, long-term solution that allows for continued growth and management of existing waterways, improving the quality of life for the surrounding ecosystem.

“The plants grow through the rafts and the water column creating a large treatment matt which is 300% more efficient than a standard wetland treatment system by equivalent area.

“In addition to the environmental benefits, the floating wetlands also contributes to the sustainability movement by supporting recycled products and promoting native plant life.

Mayor Wriedt said the innovative wetlands design was by far the most cost effective and efficient way to treat the stormwater and negated the need for large scale earthworks in the wetlands.

The upgrades are being co-funded by Kingborough Council and Traders in Purple, who are currently delivering 80 homes at Kingston Park as the first stage of the overall Kings Quarter master planned development.

Launch of Floating Wetlands Deputy Mayor, Cr Clare Glade-Wright, Mayor Cr Paula Wriedt, Jennifer Cooper Traders in Purple

Installing the plants on the wetlands

Ariel view of larger wetlands in Kingston