Report it to the Police

Kingborough Council and Kingston Police have teamed up to encourage the community to report all crimes no matter how small to the Tasmanian Police.

Kingborough Mayor, Paula Wriedt said several community members had shared their stories of crimes being committed, such as car breaks in and vandalism in Kingborough.

“Of all the incidents being retold to me, none had been reported to the police either because nothing was stolen or because the victim believed that the crimes were too small,” Cr Wriedt said.

“I am now encouraging our community along with our new Kingston Police Inspector, Colin Riley to report any crimes to the police, no matter how small.

“Without accurate records of thefts, vandalism and antisocial behaviour Tasmania Police can’t accurately assign resources to address any concerns.”

Inspector Colin Riley from Kingston Police said from a policing perspective, Kingborough is one of the safest communities.

“Police cannot be everywhere all the time, and we need the community to help us by reporting incidents,” Inspector Riley said.

“Please don’t be nervous or concerned about reporting matters to police, we want to hear from you – your information can assist us in keeping our community safe.”

“Non-urgent matters can be reported to the Police Assistance Line on 131 444, where they will be triaged for urgency and attended to.”

Mayor Wriedt said Inspector Riley attends the Council’s Community Safety in an advisory capacity.

“It is terrific to have Inspector Riley on this Committee as he provides valuable insight and advice on how Council and Community can address safety issues particular to Kingborough.”

Kingborough’s Safety Committee meet up every 2 months to discuss safety issues in the community.