Tree Removal at Kingston Beach

Tree Removal at Kingston Beach

Council is planning to remove the white gum in front of the Kingston Beach toilets over Tuesday 15 & Wednesday 16 August.

To ensure a safe worksite and the safety of motorists and pedestrians, Council will be closing Osborne Esplanade between Victoria Street and No. 26 Osborne Esplanade between 8am and 3pm on both days.

The Kingston Beach Toilets will only be available to the public via access through Albert Street.

The tree is being removed as it is unfortunately infected with an untreatable pathogenic fungus (Armillaria sp.) and its decline has recently accelerated.

We appreciate that many members of the local community value this tree, which was nominated for the Significant Tree Register a number of years ago.

Council is planning to replace the tree with a Kurrajong tree (Brachychiton populneus), an Australian species with known resistance to Armillaria.

For further information please contact the Natural Areas and Biodiversity Team at 6211 8200 or