Coastal Hazards Policy

Kingborough Council adopted a Coastal Hazards Policy at the 4 September Council Meeting.

Kingborough Deputy Mayor, Clare Glade-Wright said Council was demonstrating strong environmental stewardship and leadership by adopting its first ever Coastal Hazards Policy.

“Kingborough’s extensive coastline is one of our municipality’s greatest assets. Our coastal areas, however, are also subject to the ever-increasing threats from coastal hazards, where natural processes such as erosion and flooding are intensifying under a changing climate” Cr Glade-Wright said.

“As a public land manager, Council faces ongoing decisions surrounding coastal hazards and risk.

“The policy will provide for a decision-making framework for Council’s approach, while also guiding best practice management of Council’s assets in the coastal zone, which include roads, playgrounds, public buildings and protection structures such as seawalls and groynes.

“The intent of the policy is to achieve risk reduction and the protection, sustainable use, and enjoyment of coastal land under Council management.

“The policy introduces a range of adaptation management options while paving the way for local coastal management plans for those communities who are the most vulnerable to the threats of coastal hazards.

“This policy will allow Council to continue working with coastal communities to better understand and plan the pathways to adapt to the impacts of coastal hazards at a local scale and enable all of us to proactively plan for the impacts of coastal hazards on Council assets.”