Fast Charging for Kingborough

Kingborough Council has two fast chargers now installed for the public to use in the Council’s carpark.

Kingborough Mayor, Paula Wriedt said the chargers would deliver 40kW of fast charging capacity each and enable people to charge their car while visiting Kingston.

“This is much needed infrastructure in our community and since these chargers came online a few weeks ago they have been well used by the community already,” Cr Wriedt said.

“The chargers are owned by Electric Highway Tasmania and operated through the Chargefox network.

“Currently, users are able to access the system through the downloadable chargefox app.

“Charging times will vary according to battery size and the level of charge.

“When the battery is low, typically the charger will add about 30km range in 10 minutes.

“As supply and variety of available EV’s improves and as State and Federal incentives such as stamp duty relief and grants for charging infrastructure circulate, it is expected there will be an improved take up of EVs.

“Council’s support of an electric vehicle future is a demonstration of our ongoing commitment to addressing climate change and reducing carbon emissions.

“Council currently has three EVs in the Council fleet, plus eight hybrid vehicles.

“We are also improving our turf cutting fleet by investing in hybrid technology which includes two hybrid Reel Mowers located at the Twin Ovals.

“Our intention is to move towards more EV’s in the fleet based on availability, suitability and price point.”