Tree By-law Public Consultation

Public consultation is now open for the Trees on Private Property By-Law which will regulate the removal of important trees on private property in the Kingborough, where a planning permit is not required.

Your input into this consultation will be used to inform the new Trees on Private Property By-Law.

Acting Mayor, Clare Glade-Wright said Kingborough Council is committed to preserving the value that trees bring to our communities whether on tree-lined streets, parks or on private land.

“For 20 years, Council has had a by-law to regulate tree removal on private property,” Cr Glade-Wright said.

“This by-law has now expired and a new one has been drafted.

“The By-law was first introduced to reflect the significance of the natural values in Kingborough, and the community’s desire to protect these values.

“Trees on private land play a significant part in our communities.

“They provide food and shelter for wildlife, they capture and hold rainfall before it hits the ground, limit soil erosion, and reduce the impact of heat, wind, and noise.

“Kingborough is the only municipality in Tasmania where endangered forty-spotted pardalotes are found on private land.

“Council has created a Q&A document which explains how the proposed By-law will work which will assist the community to better understand and engage in the consultation.

“Community engagement is a critical component used to review policies, strategies and projects at Council. Community Consultation HERE