Wind Damage Kingborough

Please note there are multiple issues in Kingborough due to the wind and weather.
Council staff are currently attending multiple issues around the municipality. Please take care when moving about Kingborough today.
**** Please note, roads will be cleared today but debris may take longer to remove.
  • Barretta Tip Closed
  • Margate Hall – damage to the roof
  • The Kingston Park Playground – there is damage to the sails and the area is closed until repaired
  • Dru Point Reserve / Dog Walking Track – trees / branches down


  • Coningham Road – tree over road
  • Howden Road – (TasNetworks to attend because of powerlines)
  • Llantwitt’s Road – (TasNetworks to attend because of powerlines)
  • Woodbridge Hill Road – tree over road
  • Nierinna Road – multiple trees down – Crew on-site.
  • Albion Heights – tree over road – Crew on-site.
  • Proctors Road – tree over road – Crew on-site.
  • Perrins Road – tree over road
  • Thompsons Road – tree over road
  • Saddle Road – CLOSED – tree over road
  • Redwood Road – trees over road
  • Pine Avenue – large branch over road
  • Thistle Downs Drive – branches over road
  • Prince Regent Place – branches down