Fitness Centre Upgrade

Kingborough Council will soon start works on upgrading the Kingborough Fitness Centre with better accessibility and improved bathroom facilities.

“Through our Sport and Recreation engagement we understand that participation in fitness through gyms and group fitness classes is the most popular form of indoor sporting activity for Kingborough community members,” Cr Wriedt said.

“That is why, it is important that Council ensures that people of all abilities have the capacity to use our wonderful Kingborough Fitness Centre.

“Starting on the 27 November, works will begin upgrading the existing bathroom facilities and adding a multi access toilet and shower.

“The Fitness Centre’s reception will also be moved to create a better gym environment.

“While work is underway, members will still have access to the gym along with group classes.

“The entrance to the fitness centre will be altered occasionally to ensure safe work practices, so please follow any signage directing access.”