Dog Management Policy

At the Council Meeting on 4 December, Council endorsed the updated Dog Management Policy for Kingborough.

Kingborough Mayor, Paula Wriedt said the policy regulated the control of dogs in public spaces, determined where the locations for off lead exercise areas were and outlined declared areas.

“Council ran a very successful public consultation on the proposed changes to the Dog Management Policy,” Cr Wriedt said.

“The consultation attracted over 1,100 responses from community members, 61% of which were dog owners who shared their thoughts and views on the various proposed changes.

“The consultation asked if the community wanted to see a new off-lead dog exercise areas added to the southern ends of Snug and Blackmans Bay beaches.

“There was a positive response from the community to the Snug Beach south proposal, with 66% participants supporting the inclusion of an additional off-lead area.

“Accordingly, Council has agreed to formally declare this an as an off-lead dog exercise area.

“However, Council has agreed to keep the southern end of Blackmans Bay Beach restricted from dogs at all times, with 56% of respondents opposed to the idea and written submissions raising valid concerns in relation to the proposal.

“This area has been discussed for well over a decade now, so I know it will be disappointing to some in the community.

“We have to respect the majority of the community’s wishes which have been made clear through this process.

“Overall, 61% of the participants think there’s enough suitable and accessible land to exercise their dog in Kingborough, which is positive.

“Thank you to all the stakeholders and community members who took part in the consultation process to help Council develop our Dog Management Policy.”