Guidelines for Hall Hire

Please read the following guidelines for community hall hire

  1. Kingborough Council Halls are alcohol free. Alcohol is not to be consumed on premises.
  2. Animals are not permitted on premises – Accredited Guide and Assistance Dogs are accepted.
  3. All bookings must be concluded, and the premises vacated by the end of the approved booking time. Bookings that exceed 12.00am/midnight will not be accepted.
  4. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure the venue is suitable for purpose for the activity/event prior to booking.
  5. Bookings will not be accepted for Buck’s/Hen’s nights or Birthday Parties for ages 18-21 inclusive. Council reserves the right to decline or cancel any booking request it deems could be considered offensive, discriminatory, or contrary to the values of Kingborough Council.
  6. If food or drinks are to be sold, the hirer must apply for and obtain a Food Permit from Kingborough Council prior to the event.
  7. Tentative or pencil bookings are not accepted. A booking will only be confirmed once all required documents are received, payment is made, and a Venue Hire Agreement is sent to the hirer.
  8. Council encourages hirers to comply with Kingborough Council’s Waste Wise Events policy. To view this policy visit
  9. Kingborough Council’s Insurance policy covers occasional bookings (ie. less than 52 booking per calendar year) and one-off bookings made by individuals. It is a requirement that bookings made by groups/businesses/not for profit organisations etc. or regular/recurring hirers, must provide Kingborough Council a Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance, which includes coverage for the following:
    • Third party Insurance, with a minimum of $20,000,000 coverage for any claim against personal injury or damage to property;
    • Workers Compensation Insurance covering all Employees, Contractors and Sub-Contractors of the user; and
    • Personal Accident cover in the respect of Volunteers.