Certificate of Appreciation 2018

Kingborough University of the Third Age

The Kingborough University of the Third Age (U3A) has been awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for their continued efforts to provide education, stimulation and social interaction for senior members of the Kingborough community.

Kingborough U3A started in the year 2000, in response to a desire for a significant proportion of members of the organisation “School for Seniors” wanting more learning opportunities each week. Since that first year, the membership has grown steadily and now has over 400 members, with a number of courses, information sessions and activities held each week in Kingston and Woodbridge.

The Management Committee works hard to seek out expert speakers and hosts to deliver a diversity of events. Activities have included classes in art, languages, philosophy, poetry, music and history; activities such as Tai Chi, bushwalking, craft and meditation, as well as sessions focusing on health and wellbeing.

The group also offers a positive social programme, which brings communities together at a variety of events and outings. Their program connects people and encourages interaction, with the intention to keep brains and bodies active as well as enable members to develop new skills, keep informed and to have a laugh.