We are a vibrant, diverse community where there is always an interesting activity or event to get along to.

Please visit our Waste Wise Events Policy page.

Events that are being held on Council owned or managed land require a permit. You may be required to fill out applications forms depending on your event.
Please follow this link for more information: Community Forms and Event Permits

Here we list some of our favourite upcoming events, scroll down to see what’s on.  Please choose the filter to search for particular events like ARTS, SENIORS and YOUTH eg.


Make Your Own Elixirs

KIN Creative Space 20 Beach Road, Kingston Beach

Discover how to extract plants for medicinal use. About this event This three-hour intensive workshop will delve deep into the various ways that plants can be processed in order to…

Making Memories Stitching Time

KIN Creative Space 20 Beach Road, Kingston Beach

'Memory objects can bring comfort, preserve special memories and support our ongoing relationships with loved ones who have died. '- Anzara About this event In this four-hour workshop we will…