We are a vibrant, diverse community where there is always an interesting activity or event to get along to.

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Events that are being held on Council owned or managed land require a permit. You may be required to fill out applications forms depending on your event.
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Here we list some of our favourite upcoming events, scroll down to see what’s on.  Please choose the filter to search for particular events like ARTS, SENIORS and YOUTH eg.

Japanese Calligraphy – Mothers Day Workshop

KIN Creative Space 20 Beach Road, Kingston Beach, Tasmania

Japanese calligraphy workshop for children or families with young children for Mother's Day. At the workshop participants will learn Japanese calligraphy and make a great Mother's Day gift for their mother, father and/or grandparents. Suitable for all ages. Tickets per child/participant. Maiko Howell was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan and began doing calligraphy at…

Japanese Tanabata workshop

KIN Creative Space 20 Beach Road, Kingston Beach, Tasmania

Please join us in celebrating Japanese Tanabata - known as Star Festival, on Sunday 7th July. We will be making ‘Tanzaku' using Origami, writing our wishes or favourite words in (Japanese) calligraphy on the Tanzaku and hanging it on bamboo grass. The bamboo grass and Tanzaku will be displayed at the KIN Creative Space and…