Kingston Park



Kingborough Council is focusing on planning for the future and adapting to a growing community that brings with it a number of challenges and pressures.

A strategic vision for Kingborough’s communities is vital for the region to secure a prosperous social and economic future. Council has a unique development opportunity within central Kingston, which will be a critical element in achieving this future.

The vision for the Kingston Park development is that it will contribute to the stimulation and creation of a revitalised central business district and will lead to a viable self-sustaining community. It is the most critical single project for the economic future of the Kingborough municipality.

An economic assessment was prepared by independent consultants, which found that this project will help to create 600 new jobs in Kingston and inject more than $80 million a year into the local economy, once completed.

It is the right time to seize the opportunity to generate more home grown development in the region, preventing the need for people to travel into Hobart or other areas for employment, education and health.

Kingston Park is being developed as a self-funding project, which will be covered by future residential and commercial developments within the site.

Heart and Soul


Placemaking is an important element in the revitalisation of central Kingston, which is creating public spaces that promote health, connectivity and well-being. The new Kingborough Community Hub in Kingston Park will encourage both community and economic activity, which will in turn support local initiatives and build community capacity.

The community hub is a striking building that will be an effective re-use of the old gym, while providing a new facility that is flexible for future changing demands.  For more information about the Hub, visit Kingborough Community Hub, or contact the Coordinator on

One of the major attractions to the park will be the open public space, which will provide spaces for outdoor events, trails, play areas and other activities for our community to connect, enjoy and relax. This was the most important feature mentioned by the community during consultation of what the development should look like.

The playground will start construction early in 2020 and is expected to be completed before the 2020-2021 summer season.

Following extensive consultations the key aspirations from the community were for connections to nature, an inclusive space for all ages, abilities and cultures, public amenities, and healthy living. The full draft report is available to view below.

In a nutshell, 9 key areas have been designed:

  1. Playspace – the best playground in Southern Tasmania will provide opportunities for all ages and abilities, offering a range of genres of play inspired by animals and habitats native to Kingborough, from page 62
  2. Pardalote Parade – connecting current CBD with Kingston Park, page 26
  3. Community Lawn – the backyard of the Hub, page 28
  4. Picnic Lawn – gathering circle, community garden & toilets, page 30
  5. Exercise & Event Lawn – exercise nodes, loop track & catch-and-kick area, page 32
  6. Path & Connections, page 34
  7. Whitewater Creek restoration & activation, page 36
  8. Pardalote Parklet – the northern gateway into Kingston Park, page 38
  9. Community Amphitheatre, page 40

To view the report: Kingston Park Public Open Space Master Plan – Draft Version 3

Other information

Kingston Park Implementation Report October 2019 (PDF)

Communications Engagement Plan 2017 (PDF)

An Economic Assessment, March 2015 (PDF)

Kingston Park Development Plan, May 2013 (PDF)