Waste Fees

Kingborough Waste Services (KWS) operates the Barretta Waste and Recycling Centre at 1922 Channel Highway, Barretta, Tasmania. The Barretta facility includes a Re-Use Shop, recycling and green waste areas and general refuse drop off points.

KWS also manages the Bruny Island Waste and Recycling Centre located at P231 Bruny Island Main Road, Bruny Island. This facility provides large bins for general waste and recycling and can also receive green waste up to a maximum of 5m3.

KWS aims to deliver sustainable, value for money waste management services to the Kingborough community. For more information about the facilities, initiatives and opening hours, visit the Kingborough Waste Services page.

Find the fees and charges for Barretta Waste & Recycling Centre and Bruny Island Waste & Recycling Centre Fees here: