Kingston Beach Arts Hub

The Kingston Beach Arts Hub is an exciting space that can be used by artists to exhibit their work.

The cost of hiring the gallery space is $50 per day or $8 per hour, and you will be invoiced at the end of the exhibition. During an exhibition, the gallery can be open whichever hours you choose, however the exhibitor or an approved agent must be at the gallery at all times.

You can use this space to sell your artworks. A price list should be made available at the information point in the gallery.

The Hub is located in the rear of Kingston Beach Hall at 20 Beach Road, Kingston Beach 7050 Tasmania.

Booking requirements

When you are booking the gallery, you will need to confirm exhibition dates in writing (via email is fine) two weeks before to the exhibition. At this time you will also need to provide a detailed list of the artworks to be exhibited, including the title of the exhibition, title of each artwork, the artist’s name, the year the artwork was produced, the dimensions of the artwork, and the asking price (if applicable).

Exhibition setup

You need to arrange transport for your own works and let us know when they will be delivered, to ensure that the exhibition is installed within the scheduled dates. We do not have any on-site storage facilities available, so if you storage is required, you will nee dot make alternative arrangements.

Once you have set up the exhibition, a Council representative will need to ensure that artworks are displayed to meet our guidelines.

All work is to be presented ready for easy hanging and have appropriate attachment points, using the hanging track provided. Please do not use nails, Velcro or tape to be used on the walls.

Please note that exhibiting in the gallery is done at the exhibitor’s own risk and Kingborough Council bears no responsibility for the well-being of exhibition pieces.

Exhibition openings and functions

If you hold an opening or other function, you will need to organise and pay for catering. You are also responsible for cleaning after the function.

Media and publicity

Please check all publicity material and function plans with Kingborough Council before you proceed. We encourage you to publicise your event, but please note that all costs relating to publicity are your responsibility. All publicity should be designed at a professional level in keeping with the aims of the gallery to be a professional exhibition space.

Exhibition pack up

Please do not remove any artworks before the close of the exhibition. Once the exhibition is ended, please pack up the gallery space and leave it in the same clean condition in which it was found before the exhibition.


For more information, please contact the Arts and Events Officer at Kingborough Council by phone on (03) 6211 8200 or by email: