Kingborough Awards

Kingborough Awards

Nominations for the Kingborough Awards are now open.

The Kingborough Awards ceremony is celebrated on or after the 6 January each year.

This date was selected in celebration of the anniversary of the first Kingborough Council meeting, which was held on 6 January 1908.

There are three categories for nominations:

  • Citizen of the Year
  • Young Citizen of the Year (for people under the age of 27 on 6 January of the current year)
  • Community Group of the Year

The Kingborough Awards ceremony will be held on Saturday 8 January 2022 at the Kingborough Community Hub.

Contact Council’s Community Development Officer on 6211 8170 for more information.

Link to ONLINE  Kingborough Awards form.

Link to PRINTABLE Kingborough Awards form.


Nominations may be submitted by groups (eg committees, associations etc.), or individuals.

When filling out the nomination form it is important to provide specific examples of how the nominee’s contribution(s) has been outstanding.

Nominations must give clear, adequate and precise details of the person’s/group’s involvements.  Please state roles performed by the nominee, outline how their leadership benefited the community and indicate the degree of involvement and examples of their commitment.

The nature of the award places emphasis on what the person/group has done for the community in their various fields of voluntary involvement, rather than recognising achievements as part of normal duties in their paid occupation.

The degree and value of the contribution, as well as the length of service, are the primary criteria.


  • Nominees must be a resident of Kingborough at the time of nomination.
  • All nominations must be signed by a nominator in the space provided.
  • Citizen of the Year must be 27 years or older as at 6 January 2021.
  • Young Citizen of the Year must be aged no older than 27 years as at 6 January 2021.
  • All nominations are strictly confidential and the information provided will be used only to assist the Kingborough Council in considering the merits of the nomination.
  • Previous recipients of the major awards are not eligible to be nominated for the same award again. However, they may be nominated for a different award.
  • Nominees who have previously received a Certificate of Appreciation are eligible to be nominated for the main awards in subsequent years.
  • Groups nominated for the Community Group of the Year award should be a group based in Kingborough.
  • Self-nomination by individuals or groups will not be accepted.
  • Late nominations will not be accepted.


Nominees must:

  • have made an outstanding contribution to the wellbeing of the Kingborough community (social, environmental, business and/or arts and cultural through leadership and/or personal service),
  • display a commitment to community service over a considerable or continuous period of time,
  • possess positive and inspiring personal attributes showing qualities such as versatility, flexibility, perseverance in their service to the community, and
  • have demonstrated personal effort and initiative that has made a significant difference to the quality of life of the community


Groups must have:

  • made an outstanding contribution to the wellbeing of the Kingborough community (social, environmental, business, arts and/or cultural),
  • displayed a commitment to community involvement,
  • promoted positive activities/qualities for the community,
  • produced quality outcomes that have made a significant difference to the quality of life of the Kingborough communit


Before submitting your nomination, please make sure you have completed the following:

  • Addressed the selection criteria
  • Completed all sections of the nomination form
  • Signed the application
  • Attached supporting documentation