Landcare & Coastcare

Care groups are groups of motivated people who take practical hands-on action to improve their local patch of bushland or coastline.

They work to improve the condition of local bushland which improves the habitat for native animals, including the Little penguin and threatened species such as the Swift parrot. The work they do ranges from growing and planting native plants, weeding, fencing and creating information signs to making artificial penguin homes.

Joining your local group is a great way to get practical experience and knowledge on how to manage your own piece of bushland or coast, meet other locals and gain a sense of connection with your environment.

Kingborough Council and Landcare Tasmania have entered into a new partnership to recognise and build community Landcare in the Kingborough municipality. The partnership recognises that each organisation makes a strong but distinct contribution to supporting Landcare in Kingborough, which has the greatest number of Landcare groups of any Tasmanian Council.

The partnership identifies a range of mutual aims, shared objective and joint activities the Council and Landcare Tasmania will use to further grow the culture of community Landcare in Kingborough.

There are many ways to volunteer in caring for our natural areas in Kingborough, from joining your local care group to annual events like National Tree Day on 31 July.

Kingborough Landcare Advisory Group (KLAG) is now known as the Kingborough Landcare Network (KLN)

Kingborough Landcare Network (KLN) is an umbrella organisation for all the care groups in Kingborough. Formally established in 2005 and there are about 35 groups represented.

KLAG actively lobby Council, State and Federal Government for resources and support for natural environmental management in Kingborough and the region. The group aims to provide support and education to member groups and to apply for and co-ordinate grant funding for projects. They support and work closely with Council’s Natural Resource Management Team.

For more information or to get involved contact Roland Painter:

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  • Landcare Tasmania┬áis the peak body that works to represent, strengthen, support and grow Tasmania’s landcare movement.
  • Coastcare Association of Tasmania supports Coastcare Groups and volunteers with opportunities and resources to help them participate in coastal management and encourages regional environmental outcomes by fostering collaboration within the Coastcare community.