Planning is about regulating the use and development of land and resources to meet the future needs of the community.

Planning involves making balanced decisions about the way land is used and developed. It is vital for the orderly development of housing, business and community services into areas best suited for them. Planning is a dynamic process that is constantly evolving in response to changes within the community.

Statutory planning involves the control of existing and new development and/or use. Strategic planning ensures our resources are carefully managed to match our future needs and expectations.

The State Government is responsible for setting the direction for planning in Tasmania. Councils must comply with State policies, and any Act requirements.

At the local level, councils are responsible for planning in their area. This includes:

  • preparing and amending their planning scheme
  • assessing any applications for development under the planning scheme
  • following up any breach of the planning scheme or any breach of a permit the council has issued