Dog Exercise Areas

Locations of declared dog areas are available within the Dog Management Policy.

Exercise areas

An area on which dogs may be exercised either on-lead or off-lead, subject to any specified conditions.

Training areas

Land on which dogs may be trained, subject to any specified conditions.

Prohibited areas

An area containing sensitive habitat for native wildlife may be declared as prohibited to dogs.

Restricted areas

Land on which dogs may not be taken at any time, or only on specified hours, days and seasons. When they are permitted it may be specified as to whether they must be on-lead or may be off-lead.

In addition, the Dog Control Act 2000, prohibits dogs in:

  • any grounds of a school, preschool, kindergarten, crèche or other place for the reception of children without the permission of the person in charge of the place
  • any shopping centre, or any shop except a pet shop, premises of a veterinary surgeon, pet grooming shop, or any other premises related to the care and management of dogs
  • any playing area of a sportsground on which sport is being played
  • an area within 10 metres of a children’s playground.