Habitat Planting

Boddy’s Creek Revegetation Project

This revegetation project was undertaken in 2020 and will help restore the local threatened blue gum forest which is also core habitat for the critically endangered swift parrot. Found in the Whitewater Creek catchment, this project will help create habitat, improve water quality, sequester carbon and suppress weed growth.

Tramway Hill Revegetation Project

This two-part planting was completed in 2019, and the growth has exceeded expectations. Aimed at creating habitat for the critically endangered swift parrot, this planting will also benefit many other local threatened species including Tasmanian devils, eastern barred bandicoots, eastern quolls, Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagles and grey goshawks.

North Bruny Revegetation Project

The most recent planting under the Kingborough Environmental Fund, this project was undertaken in 2022 an will have a range of benefits including creating habitat for swift parrots and forty-spotted pardalotes and assisting in the recovery of critically endangered black gum forest. Growth has been slow of the 400 eucalypts at this wet and exposed site, but monitoring is showing good rates of survival.