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Keeping your cat healthy and happy at home

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At Home with Cats

The below three videos guide you through why and how to create a stimulating and healthy environment to best suit your individual home and cat.

The videos demonstrate many low-cost, easy and effective ways to contain your cat to your house and yard. Animal Behaviourist and cat owner Dr Katrina Ward explains how to help your cat transition and adjust to containment and how to detect and manage common stress behaviours.

The videos were produced with funds from NRM South in a partnership between the Tasmanian Conservation Trust, Kingborough Council and Ten Lives Cat Centre.

Inside with cats

Inside with Cats is a collaboration project that introduces six Kingborough cats (along with their humans), who are embracing life on the inside. Inside with Cats is not just about containing cats inside a house, it also explores the various options these owners have used for outdoor enclosures or walking harnesses, and how they keep their cats safe, happy and healthy.

As the ‘humans’ of these stories explain, containing their cats is not just about protecting the native wildlife, it is also about protecting their cats. Knowing your cat and providing for its needs is the first step to having a happy cat who can still lead emotionally and physically enriched lives on the inside.

Inside with Cats was a partnership between Kingborough Council, Ten Lives Cat Centre, Tasmanian Conservation Trust and the Bruny Island Environment Network.

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