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Prohibited Areas for Cats

What is a Cat Prohibited area

Under the Cat Management Act 2009, a Council may decide to declare an area of land within the authority of the council to be an area where cats are prohibited. Once the declaration comes into force, any cat found in a prohibited area may legally be subject to a range of cat management actions by authorised persons under the Cat Management Act 2009.

Cat owners are advised that Council may take cat management action in relation to a cat found in a prohibited area. This may include trapping, seizing, detaining or humanely destroying cats. Seized cats may be de-sexed prior to being returned to owners upon payment of the costs related to de-sexing.

Owning pets comes with responsibility. It is a cat owner’s responsibility to ensure their cat is not able to stray from their property into a prohibited area for cats and negatively impact on native wildlife.

Prohibited Area for Cats

Cat prohibited areas provide protection for important wildlife habitat. Cat prohibited areas in Kingborough are:

Local Government Reserves:

(see links for site details)

State Reserves:

  • Peter Murrell Reserve
  • Coningham Nature Recreation Area
  • South Bruny National Park
  • Snug Tiers Nature Recreation Area