Climate Change

The Kingborough municipality is experiencing the effects of climate change through more frequent and extreme weather events and bushfire threats. This is having a significant impact on our coastlines and critical infrastructure.

Council has been active in seeking mitigation options and adaptation responses at a local level. Working closely with the community and with other local government authorities and key stakeholders, we continue to raise awareness and respond in a meaningful way.

In 2019 Kingborough Council declared a climate and biodiversity emergency.


Key Climate Change Plan Priority Objectives

  • Climate Change Strategic Management:
    • Council wide governance response
    • Climate change communications
    • Risk management
    • Stakeholders and partnerships
  • Energy and Greenhouse Gas Management:
    • Net Zero Emissions implementation
    • Energy and Emissions targets and planning
    • Alternative energy and energy efficiency projects
    • Community energy and greenhouse projects
  • Climate Change Adaptation:
    • Coastal hazards program
    • Coastal community case studies
    • Community resilience planning
    • Climate related science and research