Climate Change

The Kingborough municipality is experiencing the effects of climate change through more frequent and extreme weather events and bushfire threats. This is having a significant impact on our coastlines and critical infrastructure.

Council has been active in seeking mitigation options and adaptation responses at a local level. Working closely with the community and with other local government authorities, we continue to raise awareness and develop appropriate solutions.

The Kingborough Council Climate Change Plan and Kingborough Climate Change Adaptation Policy reinforces Council’s commitment to understanding climate change, the risk it poses and how we can identify achievable response strategies.

Kingborough Council Climate Change Plan, 2019-2024 (PDF)

Key components

  • A commitment to climate change data gathering and information provision
  • Ongoing improvements to Kingborough’s climate change governance
  • A commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050
  • An understanding of the critical role local government has to play, and a commitment to working with other councils
  • Meaningful progress on risk assessment for vulnerable communities and inclusive adaptation planning
  • A clear focus on critical climate change issues that are already apparent such as damage to our coasts and the escalating bushfire risk
  • Increasing understanding of the impacts that climate change may have on Kingborough’s environment and ecosystems