Climate Change

Council is committed to reducing emissions and energy use, beginning to prepare to adapt to the impacts of climate change and to working with our community to increase awareness of the issue and assist in transitioning to a low carbon lifestyle.

We recognise the need to develop appropriate climate change mitigation and adaptation responses as the impacts become increasingly apparent at local levels, particularly in coastal areas where there is the greatest risk of storm surge inundation or erosion and in regard to stormwater and bushfire management.

Early in 2017, we entered into a partnership with the Whitsunday Regional Council to collaborate on improving existing practices and  to prepare for the potential impacts of climate change.

Innovation Lab

We believe that we can mitigate the effects of climate change in two key ways: on-the-ground projects and education of the the community. This ethos has led to the endorsement of the Climate Change Innovation Lab Tasmania, which is being established at the Kingston Beach Community Hall. The Lab will be a hub where experts and students will be able to explore and showcase real-world, community-focused and arts related solutions to the challenges and opportunities that climate change creates. Using collaboration, emerging technologies and the arts to create a resilient Kingborough at minimal cost, the Lab will provide value to wider global communities through the exchange, formulation and implementation of innovative ideas, knowledge and experience. Visit The Lab’s website for more information.