Whitewater Creek Works

Whitewater Creek is a key waterway in Kingston, flowing through the new residential developments at Whitewater Estate and Spring Farm, meeting Drysdale Rivulet near Summerleas Rd, past the Kingston Wetlands where it eventually meets with Browns River at the Kingston Golf Course.

Whitewater Creek was extensively damaged following the flood in 2018.  An assessment of creek condition and damage to associated infrastructure was undertaken. This assessment identified and ranked sites that required remediation based on future risk of damage to infrastructure, property, flood risk and deterioration of creek condition.

Over the next month Council contractors will be undertaking works to repair seven sites along the creek where the banks and bed were badly scoured in the devastating floods. The typical works at each site will be localised reshaping of the creek bed and banks to allow placement of rock to stabilize the creek and prevent further erosion and impact on adjacent infrastructure.  Native plants from Council’s bushland nursery will be used to revegetate areas of the creek that are disturbed by the works. The works are funded under the State Government’s Community Recovery Fund.

During the works there will be machinery and trucks operating in the area of Whitewater Creek in the vicinity of Whitewater Crescent bridge. There may be noise, temporary track closures and disruption to traffic during December. The contractors will be operating between 7am and 6pm.