Creating events for all to enjoy

Community events are created in the hope of bringing people together to enjoy a particular place, share and learn things together, enjoy different food, and to take part in activities to celebrate special occasions. Along with great weather one of the main hopes of any event organiser is successful attendance.

To help event coordinators attract as many people as possible to their event, the Kingborough Access Advisory Committee has put together a brochure with a list of considerations to help planners broaden the reach of their events to as many community members as possible. The Accessible Events Guide provides a range of handy hints which planners may not have considered. For example, does your event offer free entry to companion card holders?  Have you dedicated parking spaces for use by people with a disability? Does your venue provide all-abilities toilets?

Long-time member of the Access Advisory Committee, David Vickery said “It is vital that organisers of community events recognise the need to reach out to as many people as possible. People with disabilities should feel welcome and be able to enjoy community events as much as the next person.”

The brochure has been produced to raise awareness about the importance and benefit of considering the whole community when planning an activity.  Our community is as diverse in its abilities as it is in its variety of ages. It makes good sense to think about people who might make use of a mobility aid, or are wheeling a pram, or who might need to rest in a quiet shady spot.

A copy of the Accessible Events Guide can be viewed and downloaded below. For other brochures created by the Committee visit

A Guide to Creating Welcoming and Accessible Events (PDF)