Kingborough Council has established advisory committees to provide advice and assistance to Council. Each committee records their meetings and minutes are presented at the following council meeting.

Access Advisory Committee

Chairperson – Cr Paula Wriedt

The Committee provides advice and assistance to Kingborough Council on access issues, in particular, in the implementation of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and regular evaluation of Council’s Access Action Plan.


  • Being a point of consultation on issues regarding Council activities and projects and how they impact on the access needs of the community.
  • Identify priorities each year, within the allocated budget to improve access for all in parks, streetscapes, and Council buildings and facilities.
  • Raise access concerns related to Council’s roles and functions on behalf of Kingborough Council.
    Identifying and advising Council and others of access issues in Kingborough.
  • Promote the rights of people with a disability to be treated in a manner that enhances dignity, independence and equality of service to Council.
  • Assist in the provision of Disability Awareness Training to Council officers, Committee members and other identified groups where appropriate.
  • Assist in the development of policies and procedures relating to access.
  • Facilitate and oversee regular evaluation of the implementation of Council’s Action Plan.

The Committee meets every two months.


Committee Documents

Bruny Island Advisory Commitee

The Bruny Island Advisory Committee was established by Council to provide a communication link between the Bruny Island community and Council.  The objectives within the Committee’s Terms of Reference are:

  • Provide a forum to discuss proposed Council initiatives and to assist in obtaining the views of the Bruny Island community in relation to future Council projects or programs.
  • Provide advice to Council on the priority of capital works programs carried out by Council on Bruny Island.
  • Assist Council in the development of policies, strategic directions and procedures that relate to Council programs that are relevant to Bruny Island.

The membership of the Bruny Island Advisory Committee for the term ending 31 December 2019 is:

  • Chair, Cr Sue Bastone
  • Trevor Adams
    Telephone:  (03) 6293 1225
  • Gerald McAfee
    Telephone:  (03) 6291 0167
  • Bill Hughes
    Telephone: (03) 6293 2052
  • John Kobylec
    Telephone: (03) 6293 1205
  • Siobhan Gaskell
    Telephone:  0467 333 124
  • Alex Matysek
    Telephone: 0407 099 634
  • Dr Rosemary Sandford
    Telephone: 0418 566 242
  • Jackie Marsh
    Telephone: 0429 314 432

The agendas and minutes from the past year are available to view and download. Please contact Council if you would like a copy of any previous minutes on (03) 6211 8200 or email

Other Reports



Kingborough Bicycle Advisory Committee

Chaired by Cr Richard Atkinson.

The Committee aims to provide advice and assistance to Council on bicycle issues to provide better facilities and improved safety for cyclists and to encourage and promote the use of bicycles in Kingborough for transport and recreation.

Meetings are usually held on a Friday morning on a bi-monthly basis.


Kingborough Community Consultative Forum

Kingborough Road Safety Committee


The current office of the Kingborough Road Safety Committee is reaching the end of term on 31 December 2018. Nominations are now open, if you are interested in having an active role in discussing and improving road safety around Kingborough then please submit your candidacy through the online form. Hard copies of the nomination forms can also be collected from the Civic Center.
Nominations close on 14 December 2018.

The Committee aims to encourage and promote to all road users the safer use of roads through public and advice and assistance to Council on road safety issues relevant to the Kingborough. Meetings are usually held on a bi-monthly basis on the fourth Wednesday.

The Committee’s Terms of Reference and previous meeting minutes are available to view and download.