Supporting Local Businesses

Minimax by Habitat has reopened in Channel Court.

The extreme weather event in May impacted many residences, businesses and organisations in Kingborough.

While Council still has some major repairs to complete, crews have addressed most storm issues and continue to clear drains and culverts within the normal maintenance schedule.

Businesses in central Kingston have been seriously impacted and continue to face the challenges of damage to stores, closures, and the flow on effect of reduced customer numbers. Business owners are struggling and in some cases have had to reduce staff in order to keep going. The stress of changes to personal lives and circumstances cannot be underestimated.

Council aims to support a local vibrant economy and will help promote local businesses while they rebuild. We hope to encourage residents and visitors to Kingborough to support our local shops and entrepreneurs.

There are a number of resources to assist residents and businesses who have been affected by storm damage. If anyone is seeking advice or support, visit our Flood Assistance page for  information and contact details.

Sally from Kingston Florist thanks all her regular customers for the support they have given during very difficult times following the storm. 

Sue from Niko Niko Sushi also thanks her customers and hopes to rebuild her business and bring back staff once businesses and customers return to Channel Court.

Isabel, who works for Minimax said the company had been very supportive of staff and they are delighted to be back in Kingston.