Kingston Design Concept Chosen for CBD

Kingborough Councillors voted on 4 April to implement a hybrid of Design Option 1 for the major upgrade of Kingston’s CBD.

Kingborough Mayor, Paula Wriedt said it was an important decision that had been made with a lot of consultation with businesses and the community.

“We deferred voting on this last Council Meeting, to have further workshops on this issue to ensure we get this right.” Cr Wriedt said.

“The design that we have chosen will see more protection for cycling through the heart of Kingston, creates more green corridors and traffic calming measures and invigorates the business sector which will attract more investment to the area.

“This was a difficult decision to make, with a lot of competing stakeholders but this design will be the right choice for the majority of the community.

“Councillors voted tonight to implement a design that gives Council more flexibility to meet more people’s desired outcomes over time.

“The agreed design allows for future growth and represents contributions made by the wider community including cyclists, people with disabilities, pedestrians, businesses and other commuters.

“It includes the future removal of 10 parking spaces on the southbound side of the Channel Highway.

“This option also allows for the installation of on-street dining, a protected cycle land, public art, and street furniture upon completion of a dedicated parking facility in central Kingston.

“Following extensive community engagement, street trees, vegetation and on street parking were the highest priority for the redevelopment.

“The agreed option recognises that when Kingston has the carparking capacity in the future we can retrofit more on street dining and protected cycling lanes, making sure that our communities voice has been listened to.

“People overwhelmingly want an attractive and engaging public space and this design will certainly provide this,” Cr Wriedt said.

The design agreed by Kingborough Council includes the following features:
• More street trees and vegetation
• Uphill bike lane for southern bound cyclists
• 3 metre wide footpaths
• 1.9 metre wide cycling lane
• 20 on street extra parking spaces
• Relocation of the City bound bus off the main road
• Enhanced seating and shelter for bus commuters
• A new zebra crossing for greater pedestrian safety
• Traffic calming measures
• Median island with streetlights and CCTV
• Street furniture and street art
• Road surface raised at the Hutchins Street intersection to improve accessibility
and slow traffic down.

“Much of the debate around the designs has centred on the location of the bike lane.

“This design will provide a 1.9 metre wide cycling lane for cyclists travelling south on the Channel Highway, which exceeds the minimum standard of 1.5 m for a 40 km zone.

“Due to the successful trial of the temporary roundabout at the Hutchins Street and Channel Highway intersection, this will become permanent.

“The current John Street car park will be removed as part of the works to provide a pedestrian link between the CBD and Kingston Park resulting in the loss of a number of carparks.

“Currently there are only 7 carparking spaces from Hutchins Street to John Street which will be increased to 20 through this works.

“The relocation of the city bound bus space has created the space available for on-street car parking.

“Included in the upgrade will be improved bus facilities, including an off-street Bus Interchange at 40 Channel Highway.

“Council purchased the property which was a Denture Clinic and Podiatrist last year as after extensive investigation this proved to be the best location for a bus interchange.

“This upgrade will change the heart of Kingston and transform the Channel Highway into an attractive area that people will enjoy visiting, business will want to invest in, and will make the area completely accessible to all forms of transport.”

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