Kingston CBD

Council is transforming the main street of Kingston, Channel Highway, into an attractive and inviting destination, improving the retail and commercial experiences for residents and visitors.

After consulting with the community, Council voted on the Concept 1 design at a Council Meeting on 4 April 2022.

The design allows for future growth and represents contributions made by the wider community including cyclists, people with disabilities, pedestrians, businesses and other commuters.

Concept 1 Design Features:

  • A permanent roundabout installed at the intersection of Hutchins Street with Channel Highway with pedestrian refuges
  • Improved pedestrian crossing facilities at the intersection of John Street and the Channel Highway
  • A zebra crossing on Channel Hwy – from Liv Eat to Denison Dental (link to picture)
  • Relocation of the City bound bus off the main road
  • Bus Interchange at 40 Channel Highway –
  • Enhanced seating and shelter for bus commuters on southern destination side
  • Central median island with new streetlights and CCTV
  • 3 metre wide footpaths (link to picture), including additional space for potential alfresco dining
  • Street trees, vegetation and street furniture (link to picture)
  • Improved safety and traffic flow in and out of John Street – left in and left out (link to picture)
  • The current carpark at 3 John Street (Fantail Parade) removed to create a new public open space  (link to picture)
  • More street trees and vegetation
  • Uphill bike lane for southern bound cyclists – 1.9 metre wide (link to picture)
  • 20 additional on-street parking spaces
  • Traffic calming measures
  • Street furniture and street art

Future Design

Along with adopting Concept 1, Councillors also voted for a 2 staged approach, to further improve safety for cyclists as well as create space for more outdoor dining.

This option allows for the future removal of 10 parking spaces on the southbound side of the Channel Highway. It will also allow for the installation of on-street dining, a protected cycle lane, public art, and street furniture upon completion of a dedicated parking facility in central Kingston. The agreed option recognises that when Kingston has the carparking capacity in the future we can retrofit more on street dining and protected cycling lanes.

Example of Hybrid Future Option

Plan view of hybrid future option



The Transform Kingston CBD consultation involved public consultation through pop up engagement stalls, a survey and media reports. There were two options for the public to vote for.  The consultation closed on 19 January 2022.

A report was produced by Zencity on the public consultation and submitted to Council.

The following report reviews resident input about the Kingborough Council Transform Kingston plan by analysing a survey designed and deployed by Kingborough Council.

The survey received responses from the general public and from business-sector stakeholders between 3 December, 2021, and 20 January, 2022. The survey findings are complemented by an analysis of organic social media discourse and can be viewed here.

Past Consultation in Kingborough

The Kingston Place Strategy was developed in partnership with local businesses, the community and Kingborough Council. It was adopted by Council in May, 2020. The strategy was developed via extensive stakeholder consultations, with almost 1,800 stakeholders over a 5-month period in late 2019 and early 2020.

The findings have been used from the  Kingston Place Strategy to help develop the concepts for Kingston CBD that were taken to the public in 2021/22.