LGBTIQ+ Community Consultation

Kingborough Councilor and Chair of the LGBTIQ+ Working Group, Amanda Midgley said Council would like to better understand the experiences and needs of the local LGBTIQ+ community.

“To do this, Council has formed an LGBTIQ+ Working Group,” Cr Midgley said.

“We understand community engagement is a critical component for making positive changes.

“This working group has representatives from the LGBTIQ+ community and they are helping staff to develop engagement material for consultation”

“Council has also received support from Woking It Out, a Tasmanian organisation dedicated to raising awareness, providing support and advocacy for the Tasmanian LGBTIQ+ communities.

“Recent research conducted by Council, revealed anonymous surveys were the preferred method of consultation with Kingborough’s LGBTIQ+ community.

“In response, we have launched our new anonymous survey online to collect information on people’s experiences, issues and perceptions of Kingborough in relation to safety, discrimination and inclusiveness.

“We want to know what the LGBTIQ+ community, their family, friends and allies would like to see as far as leadership and support from Council when it comes to making Kingborough more welcoming and inclusive”.

The survey will be open till 12 August 2022. Please follow this link.