Dog Management Policy Consultation

Kingborough Council is committed to creating a community that is inclusive, safe, welcoming and respectful for all.

Kingborough Mayor, Paula Wriedt said Council would begin public engagement on the updated Kingborough Dog Management Policy from Saturday 30 September 2023 for four weeks until Saturday 28 October 2023.

“The Dog Management Policy regulates the control of dogs in public spaces, determines the locations for off lead exercise areas and outlines other declared areas in the best interest of the community and environment,” Cr Wriedt said.

“I know Kingborough has many passionate dog owners, with nearly 6000 registered dogs, so this consultation will be an important review for the community to contribute to.

“Community engagement is a critical component and Council will use this process to receive submissions and update the policy following the community’s responses.

“Feedback can be provided through a public survey, or by presenting a more comprehensive response through a written or emailed submission.

“Across the development of the updated policy, various stakeholders were consulted with, and one new off-lead dog exercise area proposed in the policy.

“This potential new off-lead area is the sandy area of the southern end of Snug Beach and this area has been included in the updated policy document now out for consultation.

“There is also another dog exercise area proposed for the community to consider – Blackmans Bay Beach, starting from south of the stormwater outlet (sand only) to the end of the beach area.

“The Blackmans Bay Beach potential off-lead dog exercise area was not placed into the policy document as the request came through to Councillors from the Kingborough Dog Walking Association just prior to the meeting at which this policy was considered.

“Council has decided to insert both potential areas into the survey to find out what the community thinks of these ideas.

“I want to assure everyone that the decision to introduce more dog beaches would not be taken lightly, there would have to be substantial public support for any new areas introduced, but we also appreciate that Kingston’s dog beach is becoming very crowded and so we should consider other options.

“As Chair of Council’s Disability Inclusion Access Advisory Committee, I’m aware that there are likely to be people without access to transport, who are elderly or who have mobility issues, who aren’t able to get to Kingston to take their dog to the off-lead beach area, or who can’t access the Suncoast off-lead Track.

“This would provide those locals with another opportunity in an area of Blackmans Bay Beach that isn’t as popular as other parts.

“The question of whether dogs should be allowed off lead on the Southern end of Blackmans Bay beach has been discussed for well over a decade and I know there is varied opinions on this matter, so it would be useful to ask the community what they think.

“Until we seek public feedback we don’t know if there is any appetite out there for new dog areas on our beaches.”

In the lead up to our public engagement staff have worked with stakeholder groups such as Kingborough Dog Walking Association and the Kingborough Disability Inclusion and Access Committee to determine the proposed new areas and updates in the policy.

The consultation information can be accessed HERE.