Dog Management Policy – Engagement

This consultation is now closed.
At the Council Meeting on 4 December, Council endorsed the updated Dog Managment Policy for Kingborough. Find more information HERE
Find the consultation report here:
Kingborough Council is undertaking a public consultation on the Draft Kingborough Dog Management Policy. This engagement will ask you to assess current and proposed beach access for dogs, collate ideas for improving land use and assist Council with future planning for tracks and walks.

Community engagement is a critical component used to review policies, strategies and projects at Council. This engagement involves stakeholder discussions, a community survey and communication of the updated policy.

Your input into this consultation will be used to shape the new updated Dog Management Policy.


Council is now seeking the community’s input to the Policy.

The following documents will assist:


Input through the community survey and email/written submissions will inform the new Dog Management Policy development. This updated policy will go before the Council at a Council Meeting in the future.

If you would like to make a submission you can either:

  • Complete an engagement SURVEY HERE
  • Send an email to with the subject – Dog Management Policy submission 2023
  • Write a letter addressed to the General Manager and send it to Kingborough Council, 15 Channel Hwy, Kingston 7050.

ASSISTANCE: If you need assistance with making a submission, please call Council’s customer service on 6211 8200. A hard copy of the draft Policy can be purchased from Council’s Customer Service at 15 Channel Hwy, Kingston.


Community engagement will be open from 30 September 2023 and close at 5:00pm on 28 October 2023.


Feedback can be provided through the survey. If you would like to make a written/email submission please consider additions below:


This consultation is asking participants whether they would consider adding more off lead dog exercise areas to what is currently available for the community to use. Council provides 13 off lead dog exercise areas in Kingborough.

The proposed additions are highlighted in the list below:

  • * Blackmans Bay Beach (sand only – south of the stormwater outlet to the end of the sand beach) – not included in the draft policy
  • Clarks Beach, Coningham
  • Dru Point (within dog exercise fenced area)
  • Flowerpot Point Reserve, Blackmans Bay
  • Kettering Reserve (area below Kettering Oval)
  • Kingston View Drive – greyhounds only
  • Kingston View Drive (area above Mountain Bike Park)
  • Maranoa Heights Reserve
  • Middleton Beach (south of stormwater pipe only)
  • Northern end of Kingston/Tyndall Beach (sand only)
  • * Snug Beach South (sand only)
  • Suncoast Dog Park
  • Suncoast Walking Track
  • Taroona Apex Park
  • Taroona Beach (east of the boat ramp)

Snug Beach

Proposed off lead area (sand only) map above

  • GREEN: proposed off-lead dog area 
  • PINK : area is restricted to dogs at all times – which means no dogs on the beach.

** (click on maps to enlarge)

Blackmans Bay Beach

Proposed off lead area – south of stormwater outlet (sand only) map above

  • GREEN: proposed off-lead dog area
  • PINK : area is restricted to dogs at all times – which means no dogs on the beach.

The proposed Blackmans Bay Beach off-lead dog exercise area was not placed into the policy document as the request was only received immediately prior to the start of the Council Meeting on the 18 September. Council’s decision at that meeting was to place both proposed areas into the consultation to receive community feedback.



On the 18th September 2023 Council resolved to invite public submission relating to a proposed Dog Management Policy (the Policy).

The Existing Dog Management Policy and Appendix with track change and the draft updated policy are located (page 140 onwards) of Agenda No. 18 – 18 September 2023 (Public Copy) .

If you would like a hard copy, these can be purchased from Council’s Customer Service at 15 Channel Hwy, Kingston.

In accordance with section 24 of the Act, on Saturday 30 September 2023 Council published a public notice of intention to declare areas. A copy of the notice can be found HERE.

At a later date the new policy (informed by the public engagement) will come back to Council for their consideration. This is likely to occur later in the year in 2023 or early next year in 2024.


Engagement has already happened with stakeholders to form the basis of this Policy. These include:

  • Kingborough Dog Walking Association
  • Taroona Environment Network (TEN)
  • Taroona Community Association
  • Blackmans Bay Community Association
  • Kingborough Disability Inclusion & Access Committee
  • Councillors
  • Kingborough Community Forum