Margate Master Plan

To create a safer, more inviting Margate Main Street, Council is seeking the community’s input to help develop a Master Plan for Margate.

Mayor Paula Wriedt said the Master Plan for Margate aimed to develop a more vibrant and connected street for the residents, businesses, and visitors to the area.

“Working closely with the Department of State Growth, the project team will capture the current issues experienced by Margate’s growing community,” Cr Wriedt said.

“The first phase of community engagement will focus on understanding the diverse needs of our community through a survey.

“The survey will highlight the current issues and capture ideas from residents, workers, shoppers, and visitors who use the area.

“Along with on-site assessments and data analysis the project team will use the engagement findings to inform the design of the Margate Master Plan.

“The second phase of the community engagement will involve community feedback on the Draft Master Plan, which will be used to guide future upgrades in the area.”

Margate Master Plan Engagement.