Annual General Meeting

Council thanks community members who attended the Annual General Meeting in 2018.

The primary purpose of a council annual general meeting (AGM) is to allow the public to ask questions about the contents of the council’s annual report, and to provide an opportunity for the electors present to make any relevant motions for the council to consider at the next ordinary council meeting.

Kingborough Council takes the opportunity to provide one to two presentations on issues or projects of interest at the AGM.

Members of the community are invited to make submissions on Council’s Annual Report for discussion at its Annual General Meeting.

The date for the Annual General Meeting in 2019 has yet to be confirmed.

Meeting Procedures

  1. The Annual General Meeting will be conducted in accordance with Kingborough’s standard Council Meeting procedures.  The Mayor will Chair the meeting.
  2. At the conclusion of the presentation of the 2017/19 Annual Report, members of the public may ask questions, make comments or move motions.
  3. A member of the public may only speak once.
  4. Questions and comments should be concise to allow as many people as possible to have their input.
  5. No one is to be interrupted whilst they are speaking.
  6. You are asked, as a matter of courtesy and for the Minutes, to identify yourself before speaking.
  7. All discussion will be addressed through the Chair.
  8. No person may:
  • Make any personal reflection on any Councillor, Council employee or member of the public;
  • Disrupt the meeting; or
  • In the opinion of the Chairman, use any offensive expression.
  1. If you intend to move a motion, the following procedures apply:
  • Please stand and identify yourself.
  • The motion must be moved and seconded before debate is permitted.
  • Only one motion may be before the Chair at a time.
  • Voting is by show of hands, only electors in the Kingborough Council Municipal Area are entitled to vote. (A register will be provided prior to the meeting and voting cards will be distributed).
  • A resolution is passed by half plus one of the electors present voting in favour of it.
  • In speaking to a motion, you may speak only once and for no longer than five minutes.
  • The mover of the motion has a final right of reply.
  1. Any resolution passed at the Annual General Meeting will be considered at the meeting of Council in January 2019 (date to be determined).