Proposed Council By-Laws

Public Consultation

The Kingborough Council passed a motion of intention to make four By-laws, at the 7th June 2021 Council Meeting. The Kingborough Council now invites submissions by the public, on the proposed By-laws.

The By-Laws that are intended to be created are:

The following table provides example amendments between Council’s current By-laws and the proposed By-laws. The table is not exhaustive of all changes. Individual review may be required.

Serial AmendmentReasonProposed By-law
1Amendment to the general permit process.Provides consistency All
2Inclusion of competing applications Allows determination for the issuing of permitsAll
3Inclusion of prescribed fees Compliance with the Local Government Act 1993All
4Removal of Storm water provisions Managed via the Urban Drainage Act 2013Roads By-law
5Control of beehives Provision now in accordance with the Tasmanian Beekeepers association Environmental By-law
6Removal of part 7 – Trees on private property (of the current Environmental By-law)Governed via the Kingborough Interim Planning Scheme 2015 (except when exempt) see FAQsEnvironmental By-law
7Removal of c.46 – declaration of alcohol-free areasGoverned via the Police Offence Act 1935Parks By-law
8Removal of c.42 – No smoking Governed by the Public Health Act 1997Parks By-law
9Commercial use permit Provides consistency Marine By-law

On 26 June 2021 the Kingborough Council published the notice pursuant to s.157 of the Local Government Act 1993 in the Mercury Newspaper. A copy of the notice can be found here.

Copies of the proposed By-laws and their regulatory impact statements can be found clicking on the laws above.

Submissions can be made in writing to or sent via post to Kingborough Civic Centre, 15 Channel Hwy, Kingston, Tasmania, 7050. Submission may be made up to close of  business 19 July 2021 .

Regulatory impact statements and the proposed By-laws can also be purchased from the Kingborough Civic Centre, 15 Channel Hwy, Kingston or the Bruny Island Service Centre, Main Rd, Alonnah, Bruny Island.

Public enquires on the content and effect of the proposed By-laws can be directed to Mr Scott Basham via email to or via post to Kingborough Civic Centre, 15 Channel Hwy, Kingston, Tasmania, 7050 or via phone at (03) 6211 8200.

Regulatory Impact Statements Certificates.