Exercise Stations- Kingston Park Open Space

Located throughout the Kingston Parks open public space, are three exercise stations for teams, groups and individuals to meet up and train on.

These three exercise stations consist of multiple outdoor exercise equipment which is freely available to the public.

Equipment such as chin up bars, box jumps, push up bars, hand walks, sit up and push up high and low bars, floor exercise space, body curls, chin up towers, seated dips and a shuttle run.

Each station offers something for everyone and is designed to provide exercise options for all community members to suit all abilities.

To help everyone use the exercise stations, Council has created a variety of videos demonstrating some of the exercise routines that can be performed in the areas. To view these videos please tap on the thumbnails below.

Equipment Demonstration


Parallel bar/hand walk
Box jump/ Step up
Shuttle Run Track
Low dip/body curl
Sweat Hub circuit 1
Sweat hub circuit 2