Council oversees development and use in our municipality, ranging from new projects through to maintenance work.

If you are thinking about building or changing the way you use your land, you may need a planning, building permit and/or plumbing permit. It is important to check with Council whether you need these permits and to go through the correct process before you begin any work.

A planning permit is related to how land is used in accordance with the planning scheme (currently the Kingborough Interim Planning Scheme 2015). It may allow for land to be subdivided, developed or used for a particular purpose, such as a home, a business or other commercial activity.

Building and plumbing permits relate to the actual construction and how they meet the the Building Act 2016 and Building Regulations 2016. Plumbing permits are also required for onsite waste water management.

Permits may also be required for clearing vegetation so if you are in doubt, seek advice from Council. This is includes the removal of trees and in some cases the vegetation beneath them.

The following pages provide information and overview of the requirements for planning, building and plumbing approvals.