Preparing for an emergency event

Are you prepared for an emergency?

Tasmania experiences bushfires, floods and other natural disasters that have major impacts on communities, the economy and the environment.  What you can do to understand the risks and prepare yourself, your family, your business and your community?   

How can we help?

The following information and resources can help you prepare for an emergency and be ready to respond in an urgent situation.

Understanding your risk from natural hazards?

RiskReady is a government website which provides access to property-specific natural hazard information in a simple, understandable format.

TasALERT  RiskReady ( 

Insurance Checkup 

Check your if your insurance covers you for natural disaster go to TAslaert’s  Checkup ( 

Stay informed  

ABC Radio is the national Emergency Broadcaster. To learn about bushfires and other emergencies that may be occurring in your area, tune in to your ABC local radio station. Or you can visit ABC Emergency for more  information 

Taslaerts  is an emergency warning and information system in an online platform.