Pets & Livestock

Preparing for an emergency

One of the main reasons people refuse to leave their homes when being evacuated, due to an emergency, is because they don’t know what to do with their pets.

If you are not able to stay with relatives or friends and you have no alternative than to go to an evacuation centre, having your pets needs organised beforehand can reduce stress and ensure you can evacuate quickly. 

Please note not all evacuation centres can cater for domestic animals.    

Pet Emergency Kits  

A pet emergency kit is an easy to grab kit that is ready if you have to leave your home in a hurry because of an emergency.  There are some basic items you should always include and specific items unique to your pet’s needs.    

Evacuating with your pet 

Council is responsible for running evacuation centres for people displaced from their homes during emergency situations and have nowhere else to go.  Some pets (primarily cats and dogs) may be allowed at evacuation centres during disasters but sometimes not. 

Animals will not be allowed inside evacuation centres. 

Livestock and Horses  

If you own livestock and plan to evacuate without them, move them to a bare paddock with water and room to move. 

Don’t shut your animals in sheds or stables or tether them and under no circumstance should you cut boundary fences or let animals loose on the roads as this can cause major traffic accidents. 

Ensure your animals have identification. Your details can be attached to collars; otherwise, large animals can be marked on their hooves with permanent ink or with a sticker folded into hair. Having photos of your animals is also a good idea.  

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