About Kingborough

Kingborough is home to one of the longest coastlines in the state, which stretches a stunning and unique 336 kilometres.

Among the diverse local industries are fish processing, aquaculture, tourism, viticulture, boat building and civil engineering. The municipality is proud to host the headquarters of the Australian Antarctic Division. We have a population of approximately 37,000 people, and is one of the fastest growing in the state. The blend of extensive modern facilities and access to natural beauty constantly attracts new residents to the area.

Kingborough is essentially residential in nature offering a variety of living opportunities. Modern development and rapid expansion has brought housing estates, new industries, schools, sporting and recreational facilities, service clubs and shopping centres. Kingston is the major commercial, retail and administrative centre for the municipality. Other towns include Taroona, Blackmans Bay, Margate, Snug, Kettering, Woodbridge, Middleton and Alonnah at Bruny Island.

The future

Kingborough Council is focusing on planning for the future and adapting to a growing community that brings with it a number of challenges and pressures.

A strategic vision for Kingborough’s communities is vital for the region to secure a prosperous social and economic future. Council has a unique development opportunity within central Kingston, which will be a critical element in achieving this future.

The vision for the Kingston Park development is that it will contribute to the stimulation and creation of a revitalised central business district and will lead to a viable self-sustaining community. It is the most critical single project for the economic future of the Kingborough municipality.